Orange leaves or Summer breeze?


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Snow flakes or School breaks?
Orange leaves or Summer breeze?
Winter days or Summer haze?

So what’s YOUR favourite season?

I like summer. I love the warm air, the tans, the beaches, and the lakes. I just love everything about summetime.
My friends and I made a ‘Summer Bucketlist Calender’. It’s a list of things we want to do during summer in the form of a calender. It has one new activity for each day so we never get bored! I can’t wait to get started! It has things like;

  • Swim in a lake
  • Go to a huge fair
  • Buy a slip ‘n slide
  • Have a paint fight
  • Use a fake name at starbucks
  • Play Beach volleyballAnd even more fun things you can do in the summer! These are also a couple of reasons I have to have summer as my favourite season, other than the fact that it’s my name 🙂

    And my favourite poem about summer:
    “mines sumer becuz i rike to hav fun n da sun and get mee self a tan and sum six packs. i riry riry ruv ruv tew hav fuurn wif me best frand. shee is sew funweeehoooo.”

    So what’s your favourite season?
    Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed 🙂


The Yellow Monster


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It originated from Europe. It spreads like wild fire. It’s bright and yellow.
What is it?
It’s Scotch Broom!

Do you know what Scotch Broom is? It’s a big bush/weed that came all the way from Europe, to British Columbia. It was brought by a man who… thought he was bringing a gift to the province. Little did he know, it’s considered  hated by  many people living here. It spreads really fast and can give people allergies. Although to some it smells lovely 🙂

Some people consider it as pretty, since it’s so bright. But to others, they wish they could move away. It’s big, has yellow pedals and looong green stems.

Do you ever see any Scotch broom where you live? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading, byeee!

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Geocaching: Modern Day Treasure Hunt.


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“Guys, come quick! I think I found it…”
“Shh, there might be muggles!”

Have you ever been geocaching? If you have, you’ll know it’s really fun! Geocaching is basically like a ”modern day treasure hunt” (-Tristan). People from all around the world make geocaches. They’re hidden containers in various places filled with things from pencils, to shiny rocks, to foreign money. Anything the right size can be found in a geocache. To find a cache, you can use a GPS if it’s marked by a waypoint. But watch out for muggles! Muggles are usually other people looking for the same cache, you want to be the first to find it.

Once you’ve found it, you should see a logbook on the inside. A logbook is a small notebook where you write your names, the date,and what you exchanged. The most common thing to find in a cache are basically anything of the right size.

Do you have any questions about geocashing?Just ask! Another idea is to check out their website! Thanks for reading!

Top 5 Favourite Songs


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Hi guys! How are you?
So, I was trying to think of an idea for a new post, but I couldn’t! So a friend suggested I write about my 5 favourite songs, and I thought that was a good idea, so let’s do it!

  1. Read all about it by Emeli Sande
  2. Stay by Rhianna
  3. You need me but I dont need you by Ed Sheeran
  4. No Diggity by Ed Sheeran ft. Passenger
  5. Little things by One Direction

There! That was in no specific order.
So, what are your favourite songs? Favourite artist? Group? Band? Genre? What are the first songs you would have on your iPod?

Tell me about your taste in music.
Thanks for reading, enjoy your day! 🙂

Nails, Hammers, & Cement!


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Hey guys! How’re you?
So the other day, we went to Sandwick School. Sandwick school is a school to learn about trades. Do you know what that is? We learned about different possible careers that are hands-on. The slideshow below is a thirty-second video filled with pictures of our trip.

In those pictures, we’re learning different things. How to be a plumber, welder, electrician, carpenter, etc. My favourite part was probably making the concrete. We had a long metal molder on a vibrating table. We put the cement in and turned the vibration on to smooth on the cement. Overall, it was really fun and educational. Have any questions? Comment below!
Thanks for reading, have a good day!

Alberta Here We Come!


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Hey bloggers! How are you?
Anyway, I have some news…

So, if you’ve read my friend Julia‘s blog you’ll probably know about this already. Tim Hortons hosts a yearly children’s camp called Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation. They invite kids from different schools in different provinces; and sometimes states, to go to a 10 day summer camp. They have different camp sites scattered around North America. But back to the point.
They pick two kids from the schools that get the opportunity, and send them to camp for free, and Julia and I got invited!

At the camp, there’s loads of fun activities! Swimming, rock climbing, horse back riding, letter-writing, camping in the woods, etc. It’s going to be really fun! We’re taking a plane there in July. I can’t wait!
So, have you had any experience camping like this?
And do you have any questions? Thanks for reading! Have a good day, byeeeee 🙂

10 Places I’d like to visit


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Hey guys! How are you?
I’m writing a new post again, finally!
I’m going to talk about ten places and why. Here we go!

  1. Austrailia.
    I’ve always wanted to go there. It’s always so sunny and I’ve heard nothing but good about it. I’d also like to see a platypus. I’d more specifically like to go to Sydney, Austrailia.
  2. Hawaii.
    Lots of people travel to Hawaii, I’ve never been there. From what I’ve seen and heard it’s a beautiful place!
  3. Mexico.
    I’ve been there 4 times when I was younger, but it’s absolutley wonderful. I love the sunny, warm, sandy beaches
  4. Thailand.
    My friend told me about Thailand once. She went there a couple years ago. It sounds really cool.
  5. Florida.
    In pictures, it’s always so sunny and beautiful. It also has Disneyland. My unlce lives there so I may go there soon.
  6. Carribean.
    I saw a movie filmed there and I was SO jealous of them. It’s so pretty! I’d love to go there!
  7. Edmonton.
    Edmonton isn’t very far from where I live. It’s in the next province. I heard it’s so much fun there. They have the West Edmonton Mall which sounds like SO much fun!
  8. Paris
    I’ve always wanted to try more oftheir famous foods. And I’d love to go to the top of the eiffel tower and take pictures. It’s interesting to be at one of the most popular landmarks in the world.
  9. Italy.
    My friend went there in September. She showed me pictures and told me it’s beautiful.
  10. Bora Bora.
    I watched it on the Amazing Race.  It looked so warm and sunny. It was beautiful.
    Those are the top ten places I’d love to visit someday. It would be amazing to visit at least one of them. Where would you like to visit? Let me know in the comments. Bye!


The Forming of Cuneiform


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Do you know what Cuneiform is? No? Neither did I, until I learned about Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia was a cradle of civilization. It was in the area of Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt.

We recently received an assignment to write a post about Cuneiform, the written language of Mesopotamia. Cuneiform is a little bit confusing when you look at it. But that’s because the way the symbols are formed is by pictures of objects. They take an object, then completely change it. We attempted to make our own type of Cuneiform as well.

Well, in Mesopotamia they had what they called tablets’. Not the kind of tablet you but to play games on and Skype people with. A Cuneiform tablet starts of a spare clay people found near rivers. They take the clay, and shape it to look like a thin rectangle or a circle. Now that they had the beginning of their tablet, they need a stylus. A stylus is a reed stick that’s carved to have a curved part at the end. To finish off the tablet, they took the stylus and wedged it into the clay. You take the stylus, and wedge Cuneiform symbols into it. By wedge, I don’t mean draw. They never drew in their tablets. Wedging is slightly pushing the stylus into the clay to mark it. You would wedge the curved end of the stick in various ways to design your tablet with Cuneiform writing.
My tablet involves the things. Family, Music, and Food. Haha it was actually pretty easy, and kind of fun! I used each step that I explained to make this. You should try it 🙂
Thanks for reading guys. Have any questions? Comment below!

Zoom Post!


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Hey guys! How are you?

I think I’m going to do a Zoom Post! Have you heard of one of those before? I’ve done a zoom post before, in case you remember it. What happens is I start off the beginning of a completley random, made up story, and you guys can continue it in the comments. If someone comments continuing the story, you can continue the commented story. Okay, here we go!

Photo Credit: messycupcakes via Compfight

Once, there was a dog named Sam. He was a golden retriever. He was owned by two lovely parents and one little girl, her name was Maxine. Sam loved all of them, but he especially loved Maxine. Sam and Maxine always played outside, played with her toys, ate their favourite foods, help each other out, everything they did together. But one day, things went wrong. Everything was about to change…

Okay! You guys can feel free to comment and continue the story if you’d like. It can be as random as you like- it’s supposed to be funny, so be creative!

Good luck guys!

The Bear That’s White as Snow


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Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Valerie via CompfightHey guys!

When you're smiling!

Polar Bear! Isn’t he… cute?

Do you have an unusual favourite animal? I do. People usually have Dogs or horses for favourite animals, but I like Polar Bears. They may be dangerous, but they’re adorable! They like to stay close to the water and swim a lot. Whenever they see a seal swimming under the water, they’ll go under and catch it and eat it. As much as I like seals, I guess it’s just the circle of life. I would never want to be one though, I like life as a human.

So what’s your favourite animal?
Thanks for reading! Bye.

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