The Beautiful Comox Valley!


Posted by Summer | Posted in learning | Posted on March 20, 2012

This is my slide show about Comox Valley! This was for week two of the Student Blogging challenge

These pictures are creative commons. That means if we give attribution, then we can use them! If you mouse over them you will see who took the picture. Enjoy!

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Hi Summer my name is Anja and comox looks like a great place.
Do you have a favorite place to sit or hang out?

Hi Anja!
It is a great place! I really love the Filberg Park. It’s beautiful. There is also a small petting zoo just near it, so I love to visit there.

Have a good day!

G’day Summer,
What a fantastic slideshow! I saw some of these places when I visited Comox last year.

Were these images you or your family had taken? If not, then you need to give attribution as the last slide in your slideshow. We will be doing that next week in the challenge.

I had never seen sliderocket before. Might be something I can use in the future.

Hi Miss Wyatt!

Woopsies! I’m going to have to fix that! Thank you for telling me.

From Summer

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Hi Summer,

Wow, what a beautiful place! I have never been to Comox Valley but I wish I could, it definitely looks fun!

Sincerely, W.V


Thanks for viewing my slideshow! I really wanted to tell people about the amazing Comox Valley. Where do you like to visit?

Hi, you did a wonderful job on your slide rocket! It was really lovely!

Hi Summer ,
I really like all the pictures that were in your slide shows. One thing that I noticed is that your pictures weren’t cited. Where is commox and why should people go there?

Hey Jenna!
I think people should come here because it’s such a lovely place with such kind people. There’s so many things to do with so many different weather patterns. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. What are some activities where you live? Thanks for the comment!

There is a variety of things you can do in Southern Calfornia. Some activities are hiking and going to the park. Here in Southern California there are a lot of trails , Sometimes I go with my family and when go hiking but not that often. By the way, where is Commox ?

Hey Jenna,
Wow, that sounds fun! love to hike. We have a really amazing trail a few minutes away from Comox. Its’s really fun to hike on. It’s like a spiral hill going down to a beach. It’s hard to explain, but I really enjoy it.
Comox is in Canada, British Columbia. Surrounded by Campbell river, Nanaimo, and other places in that area. Maybe one day you might want to come down here? Thanks for the great comment.

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